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History of the Mandalong Specials

In 1972, Rick Pisaturo a breeder of Shorthorns, Charolais and Chianina, started crossing a few breeds of cattle on his farm at “Mandalong Park” Erskine Park, NSW Australia, purely to find out whether or not some of the best attributes of certain breeds could be put together. Of course he never thought it would work the way it had.

  • Brahman blood lines to produce a small calf and a hardy beast.
  • Shorthorn blood to produce a carcase that with the infusion of Charolais blood would result in a well muscled carcase with an adequate fat cover, therefore a well balanced carcase.
  • The British Whites being a dual-purpose breed, would introduce better milking ability yet, hardness and a good carcase in its own right.
  • The Chianina to maintain the size after criss-crossing was over and the four generations stability was obtained.

The results have proved just that, plus that up to 3.63kg (8lb) per day weight gains have been recorded – Mandalong Specials steers have proven to produce a superior quality carcase with unbelievable yields up to 66.22%