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Mandalong HistoryHistory of the Mandalong Specials

A Mandalong Specials Steer Champion Heavyweight shown at the Sydney Royal Easter Show at 16 months of age - live weight 527kg, chilled carcase 349kg, yield 66.22%. The highest of any breed by 2.39%.

Mandalong Specials have proven to adapt under any worldwide conditions, such as the more temperate States of Australia and tropical North of Australia, also North America, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and Philippines.

The Mandalong Specials composition is as follows:

  • 62.50% Continental Breed
  • 18.75% British Breeds
  • 18.75% Bos Indicus
The Mandalong Specials Champions winning the
prestigious Hordern Trophy - creating history for an
Australian breed over 29 other breeds