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Mandalong Specials achievements

The greatest feed converters and of unsurpassed fertility.

Mandalong Studs, in conjunction with Allied Feeds Nutritionist, Miss Anne Weir, placed four 12 months of Mandalong Specials Bulls under rigorous feed conversion tests using a Mandalong Feed ration.

The results are almost unbelievable, especially when it is taken into account the four main factors:

  1. The Mandalong ration is only 13.5% protein and free of heavy fattening grains such as wheat, barley and corn that stimulate inflammation of the joints and subsequently causes arthritis.

  2. No hay or grass supplement.

  3. The two pens holding two bulls each were in the same shed with access to a small paddock, more for exercise than for feeding value.

  4. The four bulls were only on 10kgs of pellets each and not at lib. The bulls were kept hungry all the time, they could have eaten more and perhaps converted even better as it is the last kilo or two that will put the extra weight on.